Birthday Limericks


Eva Looshan: Aha, got it - No. 2 is watching you! Jan 15, 2015 17:51:11 GMT
Onda Edge: Why? What do you want? And who is No 1?. Oh, hang on I've got it, that'll be Obi - Obi One can't no be. Jan 17, 2015 10:46:52 GMT
Onda Edge: Still it doesn't look like anyone is watching, so I'll just have a piece of this cheese. You can't beat a bit of cheese. And a nice drop of Malbec. Jan 17, 2015 10:51:46 GMT
Onda Edge: Right well that's enough cheese and wh<bine for this morning. And remember "The Truth is out there". Jan 17, 2015 11:10:47 GMT
Onda Edge: X Jan 17, 2015 11:10:55 GMT
Gadget: It's that time of year again! Jan 17, 2015 22:41:40 GMT
Eva Looshan: Sure is. Roll on summer. Jan 30, 2015 19:38:31 GMT
Onda Edge: Just one of those flying visits. Well that's January almost out of the way I'm really looking forward to Easter and all that snow:) Jan 31, 2015 13:22:52 GMT
Onda Edge: Right then no one has appeared so ignition on, contact. Gone. Jan 31, 2015 13:59:14 GMT
Gadget: Ground control to Major Tom Jan 31, 2015 22:32:36 GMT
Obe: I have it on good authority that Major Tom is a junkie. Feb 1, 2015 14:26:49 GMT
Gadget: A vicious rumour spread by David Bowie! Feb 4, 2015 22:36:01 GMT
Onda Edge: Nah, that was just a vicious rumour spread by David Jones and his laughing Gnome - hah, hah, hah; hee, hee, hee. Feb 7, 2015 10:22:19 GMT
Onda Edge: Yawn, oh, I hope I didn't snore. Going now. Bye. Feb 7, 2015 11:38:47 GMT
Obe: Onda. Re the snoring. Have you considered nasal sprays, antihistamine or even euthanasia? Feb 7, 2015 23:22:14 GMT
Eva Looshan: He's got lost. Feb 15, 2015 19:39:42 GMT
Obe: Just another fly by night. No staying power these youngsters. Feb 17, 2015 16:18:15 GMT
Stan Dandy-Liver: Preparing for a 400 miles or so trip in our new 'Mid Life Crisis' Mini Cooper. Smiles all round. Feb 20, 2015 9:26:49 GMT
Eva Looshan: Minis are a lot bigger these days than they used to be, aren't they? Enjoy your miles of smiles. :) Feb 21, 2015 13:35:30 GMT *
Stan Dandy-Liver: Yep, Minis are a lot bigger nowadays... seems all motor manufactuers make each model bigger with each update. e.g. the Golf is massive compared to the first ones. It was a great trip by the way, lucky with the traffic. Quiet in here isn't it? Feb 23, 2015 11:57:28 GMT